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Potbellied Pig FAQ's and Information

Below: Blockages and Constipation

Q: I'm at my wit's end. My Wilbur has been constipated for over 2 weeks. He went several days without having any stool. Now, he strains for hours at a time, and only passes about 1 golf-ball sized stool a day. As soon as I noticed him having problems, I started trying all of the 'tricks': pumpkin, olive oil, mineral oil. Nothing helped. I then tried glycerin suppositories, the first time he held it in, but there were no results. I have tried twice since then, but he just pushes them back out. I tried a mineral oil enema, but that just leaks right back out. Last night I finally resorted to 'the fickle finger of fate.' I was able to remove a moderate-sized stool, and a couple smaller ones. I tried again this morning, but the stool was too far for me to get, and my pig had enough of me. His appetite has decreased, which I completely understand.

Do you have any other secrets/suggestions? What kind of enema works best--I don't want to use saline. He is almost 12 years old, and I worry about all the straining. I'm pretty sure I know the reason for his problem--I toss corn kernels throughout the yard for him to find. I think I just did this for too many days, and he wasn't drinking as much water as he usually does. I appreciate any help you can give. Thanks - Sarah

A: After all you have done the safe way to go is an X-ray at the vets. Its quite possible that Wilber has a blockage in there and if that's the case it can be dangerous. Constipated pigs will strain for a time when it's time for them to go, but sounds like Wilber is straining all the time and for long periods...that sounds more like a blockage or partial blockage to me rather than constipation.


Q: I fixed my poor little piggy's constipation problem--I went to the pharmacy and bought a rubber catheter which I attached to the enema bottle. The poor thing has been passing stool the size of tennis balls. And he is looking and acting much better. The 2 vets I talked to are useless. The first one I talked to about Wilbur's constipation told me to try increasing fiber, and gave me some Valium to give so it would be easier to transport him. The 2nd vet came out after 3 days, and I think he is afraid of Wilbur. Plus, he still uses Ketamine. He recommended Metamucil for the constipation. This was after Wilbur had already started passing stool. So, I asked the vet if he would cut Wilbur's nails, and he told me that he wanted to wait until Wilbur was better. He gave me the impression that he really did not want to get near Wilbur. (Wilbur's old vet moved, and Wilbur's 'dad' was the only person who could really handle him. He is now disabled, and moved out of state.)

Unfortunately, I think Wilbur has a UTI. He is dribbling urine all over the place. I'm thinking about getting some antibiotics from Farm & Fleet--any suggestions? I trust you more than these vets! Taking Wilbur's temp is out of the question--his poor little heinie has been violated too many times for his liking. Thanks for everything! Sarah

A: Yes I would definitely get Wilber on some antibiotics. Either oral or the injectable. If you can get the vet to give you Ampicillin 500 mg or Amoxycillin 500 mg either will work well and put him on a couple morning and night for a week.


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